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Sweltering. Just sweltering. That was the weather in Lafayette on arrival day. Then again, it's summer, so I'll take it. After leaving the airport and we drive through the streets of Lafayette, I get a small-town vibe from what I see. It's pretty refreshing going from a big city with lots of hustle and bustle to something a little slower paced. I've been here about 20 minutes and already been called "darlin'" and "baby" more times than I have in my entire life. I'm lovin' it! They are so friendly here.
Checking out a local visitors center I am greeted by French signage. It's like being back home in Canada! Oh yeah, and they have alligators all over the place.
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Lots of green space and lots of nature. Some of my first observations of Lafayette. There are ducks, birds and turtles all over the place. If I could bring home some of them as pets, I totally would -- and maybe a baby gator.

I'm told this is also a city of food and music. I can't wait to explore the tastes and the sounds (and maybe experience the dance moves) as we continue our tour of Lafayette.

At the visitors center I learn that this city welcomes people from all over the world because of its French connections. So cool!
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Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley broadcast live from Lafayette, Louisiana
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We were up early on Sunday morning to leave downtown and check out a farmer's market. And guess what: there was a lot of food and music there.

We've got video of some guys getting together in a music circle and jamming. Click to the next page to see -- and hear -- it. Unfortunately we don't have any imagery of me rockin' out to the music. Consider yourself lucky.
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