Goin' swampin'
There are lots of educational components to a tour with McGee's. We hear about the history of the area and some pretty funny stories along the way. As we zip through the water we pass many people on boats, some casting fishing lines and enjoying an afternoon in the sun. And oh boy, it's hot.
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Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley broadcast live from Lafayette, Louisiana
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It was a bit of a drive from Lafayette to McGee's Swamp Tours from but it is sure worth it! The Atchafalaya Swamp is definitely your chance to get up close with alligators... but not too close. Well, you get pretty close.
I didn't know what to expect as we boarded the boat. Before we saw the big swamp creatures we got a nice tour of the area. It is so beautiful to see untouched areas with trees, water and nature in full force. As the boat continued on, we slowed down as we approached gator territory. I'll admit, I got a little nervous when we saw some in the distance and they got closer to the boat. Little did I know how close they would actually get. Keep scrolling to see the pics and video.
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