Science comes alive
It's a summer of science at Lafayette Science Museum. When I heard there is a virtual reality exhibit, I knew I would have fun. I'd never strapped on a VR headset before but once I did, I couldn't take it off. There are several different kinds of experiences like walking about town or going underwater and looking around at what happens beneath the surface. And even though there were a lot of kids checking out the lab, big kids had a good time, too. Yes, there was even a grandma getting involved.
The futuristic virtual reality display is one thing but then you get a chance to go back in time with fossils and skeletons from back in the day. There are massive displays at Lafayette Science Museum and it's fascinating to learn about the history of the world.

It's not just bones and animal artifacts that are at the museum, there are live animals there, too. Well, at least on the day we are here. Click over to the next page to see what I got to hold.
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