I really can spend an entire day at a zoo. I've been to many zoos in my time but never have I experienced such an up-close and hands-on encounter than I have at Zoosiana. It's remarkable how friendly the animals are. As George continues our tour, we stop at a live show and get a chance to touch and hold some of the four-legged residents.
George gave us unprecedented access behind the scenes and I can tell you that animals are well cared for and, to be honest, they eat better than I do. I saw where their meals are prepared.
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Live Event
I stayed back as George took a bottle of blood to feed the lions. I had my excitement for the day with the tiger. And excuse me, is that lion sticking its tongue out at us? Phuff. I don't want to pick a fight with the big animal so I'll let it slide this time.

Just when I think we've seen it all, George has another surprise up his sleeve. Click over to the next page where we get surrounded by hungry birds. Thankfully they're not angry birds.
JB chats about the zoo
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An accredited member of the Zoological Association of America, Zoosiana is the little zoo that could -- and does! Covering as much ground as we did while walking for a couple of hours, I was surprised to learn how small a staff Zoosiana has. In fact, there are usually more people on a city bus back home than work at the zoo. Seriously. The staff does it all and it's a little over two dozen people.

We met my new tiger friend. George handed me a bottle of milk and he went around the enclosure to coax out his big-pawed companion. And she's amazing!
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